Why Terracing Should Be Permitted In The Premier League.

Of course, the original reasoning behind the banning of terracing is a strong one. The Hillsborough disaster in 1989, in which 96 people lost their lives, was thought to be as a direct result of the fact that the Liverpool fans were standing on a large, massively overcrowded, under policed terrace. Now without forgetting this terrible accident, I believe that the terrace should be due a resurgence.

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Why the Idea of Flares should be Embraced By The Football-going Public.


Hated by the board, lauded by the fans, the flare has always very much been seen as a symbol of the ‘ultra’ or ‘tifosi’ and something that has never really made it big in England. This may simply be due to our incredibly strict policy on flares, and indeed any kind of fireworks, due the promotion of a more family friendly atmosphere since the outlawing of terracing, or it may simply be due to the fact that the idea of a select group of fans, the ‘ultras’, who provide the atmosphere and usually contain a die-hard follower with a megaphone and a bare-chested, suitably tattooed, man with a drum. Continue reading